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How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Contact Lenses


Contact lenses can be a “life changing” experience for young people. As they grow older and become more responsible, it may be worth considering contact lenses for your adolescent. Consider the following benefits:

  • Contact lenses can be an incentive for your child to participate in athletics, since some sport-related injuries can be caused while wearing traditional glasses.
  • They can reduce the shyness associated with wearing eye glasses, reducing social stigma that can exist in some circles.
  • Wearing soft bifocal contact lenses may be linked to slowing the progression of myopia in young people.

Ultimately, deciding if contact lenses are right for your child depends on many factors. Every kid is different and each will be ready for them at a different age. Some important factors that may make a difference in your decision are:

  • Interest and motivation
  • Maturity and the ability to independently care for contact lenses
  • Personal hygiene habits
  • Athletics involvement, active lifestyle
  • Self-esteem
  • Pre-existing medical conditions

The motivation for wearing contact lenses often comes from wearing eyeglasses during sports and other activities. It is important for parents to pay close attention to their child’s non-verbal cues given during an eye exam. Parents should pay close attention to their child’s reaction to eye-drop installation and someone touching their eyes. These may be indicators of your child’s motivation for wearing contact lenses and provide an insight if they are ready to take on the responsibility of wearing them.