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Seasonal Eye Health Checklist – Winter

Use this checklist this Winter when thinking about your eye health, and follow these easy steps to keeping your eyes healthy.

Eat Healthy

The holiday season is filled with opportunities to “feed our faces” and “get stuffed!” You’ll end up eating fewer calories if you slow down your pace of eating, and don’t forget to include a salad when loading up your plate. Eating your salad before the main meal is usually a good idea — the high water and fiber content of the veggies will take up space in your stomach, leading you to consume fewer calories during the main (usually less healthy) course.

Quit Smoking

It is always a good time to quit smoking. Smoking hurts just about every part of your body: even your eyes. The changes of going blind in your old age is increased four-fold in those who smoke on a regular basis. and the American Cancer Society’s Guide to Quitting Smoking are two excellent resources for people who are considering quitting.

Give the Gift of Vision

This holiday season, consider donating to a vision charity to help those in need. There are countless non-profit and charitable organizations that aim to help people see and cope with vision loss. Instead of giving a gift to a loved one, consider making a donation to one of these charities in their name and present them with a certificate instead.

Use Your Health Savings Account

If your vision insurance includes a Health Savings Account (HSA), don’t forget to use it before the end of the current year. Schedule an eye exam, purchase a second or third pair of prescription glasses, find a new pair of sunglasses, or stock up on contact lens refills. Remember, if you do not use your HSA before December 31st, you’ll lose it!