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  • Eye Conditions: Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

    Strabismus, also known as “crossed” or “misaligned” eyes, causes double vision. Overview Crossed eyes – medically known as strabismus (struh-BIZ-mus) – refer to a condition in which muscles that control […]

    Continue Reading July 22, 2014

  • Vision Problems: Astigmatism

    An astigmatic cornea is irregularly shaped, causing blurred or distorted vision. Overview Astigmatism (uh-STIG-muh-tizz-um) is an uneven or irregular curvature of the cornea or lens, causing blurred or distorted vision […]

    Continue Reading June 19, 2014

  • Eye Conditions: Blepharitis

    Overview Blepharitis (blef-uh-RYE-tus) is a general term for an inflammation of the eyelid and eyelashes. It is among the most common and stubborn ophthalmic conditions, usually resulting from poor eyelid […]

    Continue Reading May 15, 2014

  • Eye Conditions: Dry Eye Syndrome

    Dry eye can result from an imbalance in the components of tears. Overview Dry eye syndrome refers to a breakdown in the quantity or quality of tears to moisten, cleanse […]

    Continue Reading April 24, 2014